Artists 2018/2019

Haley Cummings wasn’t the most musically inclined person while growing up, until grade 5 when she had to choose between acting and band.  Due to her desire to restrain from social situations she chose band, her instrument of choice was the flute. She excelled at flute so she decided to go on to a more challenging instrument, the guitar.  The guitar has proven to be a sufficient challenge for her which is just making her more determined to master it with her skill improving daily. She soon hopes to be able to play the guitar without complication, and in time will be able to create music with the rest of her band, Roaming the Cosmos. 

Willow-Bethany Davies was and raised in England for the first five years of her life. Leaving with a musician she couldn’t help but fall in love with music. In grade six Willow-Bethany joined a band and started playing the clarinet. Now five years late Willow-Bethany still plays the clarinet however she has also started up three other instruments. Willow-Bethany has now been playing the french horn for one and a half years, the piano for two and the bass guitar for a couple weeks. Willow-Bethany hopes to continue her journey with music for many years to come and hopes to one day share her love with the rest of the world.

She started off taking lessons at Long and McQuade. Her hobbies are playing guitar and watching Dr. Phil. Her dad introduced her to rock and metal. She plays Sax and guitar. She started playing Sax because it was the most expensive instrument in the band. She also started playing guitar because it sounds cool. Because she enjoys playing instruments and because she's been doing it for 3 years. If she got lucky she would want to perform for a living. When she started playing guitar and sax she would practice every chance she got, which gave her a solid starting point. Also, both of her music teachers were really supportive and talented.

Keona Kramer is a bassist and pianist, born in Edmonton, she moved to Texas at age 3 and lived there for seven years.  At age 10 she came back to Alberta and began to find a way to express her creativity in art and music. Although forced to play piano, she decided to take up an instrument she was more interested in for its sound, bass. Music then became a form of entertainment to her, and when proposed with the idea of forming a band, Roaming the Cosmos, she saw no reason to deny, thus carving a path for her future in music.

Angelina Robert is a fifteen-year-old year old artist and aspiring musician, enrolled in the W.H. Croxford High School Music Academy. This multi-instrumentalist enjoys painting, writing, sketching, and playing/listening to music—most frequently classic rock. While painting, she commonly uses acrylic and specializes in realism. To see more of her work visit or

Wyatt sweet was born in Calgary and now lives in Airdrie Alberta. He is 16 years old and spends a lot of his time at the skatepark filming videos. He plays saxophone, guitar, and is now learning drums. Wyatt is inspired by Green Day, Bush, and the Gorillaz. he listens to progressive rock and alternative music.

Kiannah Visto was born in the Philippines, now living in Canada she is apart of the Croxford Music Academy. Always having a passion for music her hobbies include singing, dancing and playing music. She currently has two instruments that she is learning and playing on. This instruments  are the guitar and the piano. Kiannah has been playing the guitar longer than the piano because she has just started up piano lessons. She chose to play the guitar and piano because she hopes to make music in the future. Kiannah finds playing and singing music enjoyable and fun in many ways.