Artists 2017/2018

My name is Oliver Anderton and I am a part of the Cavalier Music Academy. I am a 15 year old boy that was born in Ascot, England and raised in Windsor, England. As a child growing up i had to move around a lot because my father was in the military and so we never had a house for longer than around 2 years. The first instrument I was ever taught to play was the violin, which then helped in later life because I learned how to play Suzuki style. I first moved to Canada in early 2011 but I technically wasn't living there until late 2011 because I was in a boarding school for two years. It was in grade six where I started playing my second instrument which I excelled at but I could never remember why, it was only until ninth grade where I was told that I had such a good foundation learning Suzuki violin at the age of six. About two months ago I started learning the piano and in my opinion it is going great.

Trystan Augustine is from Alberta, Canada, his favorite style of music to play is jazz and to listen to is rock. He has have been playing the trumpet for just over a year now and have performed at about 5 different schools, went to learn at the University of Lethbridge for a day to learn from the teachers.

My name is Oana Brancu.Im 14 years of age and I was born November 8th 2002.I was born with a music talent.I play almost all instruments, and I play them all by ear.My family had a talent for music.we all love playing or making music. I was born in Ontario and moved to Calgary for 9 years and now I live in airdrie. Airdrie is where I started playing in bands, at the schools I went to.Its 2017 and this is the year I started playing in the band academie at W.H Croxford. I enjoy the music I play and make. ​