Artists 2017/2018

My name is Oliver Anderton and I am a part of the Cavalier Music Academy. I am a 15 year old boy that was born in Ascot, England and raised in Windsor, England. As a child growing up i had to move around a lot because my father was in the military and so we never had a house for longer than around 2 years. The first instrument I was ever taught to play was the violin, which then helped in later life because I learned how to play Suzuki style. I first moved to Canada in early 2011 but I technically wasn't living there until late 2011 because I was in a boarding school for two years. It was in grade six where I started playing my second instrument which I excelled at but I could never remember why, it was only until ninth grade where I was told that I had such a good foundation learning Suzuki violin at the age of six. About two months ago I started learning the piano and in my opinion it is going great.

Trystan Augustine is from Alberta, Canada, his favorite style of music to play is jazz and to listen to is rock. He has have been playing the trumpet for just over a year now and have performed at about 5 different schools, went to learn at the University of Lethbridge for a day to learn from the teachers.

My name is Oana Brancu.Im 14 years of age and I was born November 8th 2002.I was born with a music talent.I play almost all instruments, and I play them all by ear.My family had a talent for music.we all love playing or making music. I was born in Ontario and moved to Calgary for 9 years and now I live in airdrie. Airdrie is where I started playing in bands, at the schools I went to.Its 2017 and this is the year I started playing in the band academie at W.H Croxford. I enjoy the music I play and make. ​

I am a part of the W.H. Croxford Music Academy. Being in grade ten and being able to write music as well as work with other students who share my passion, is a great opportunity that I intend to take full advantage of. 
I started playing the cello in grade four and continued into grade five. However, I had to give the instrument up for three years when I moved. In grade seven and eight I played bass clarinet in band class. Outside of school, I took guitar classes (started in grade six), voice classes (started in grade seven), and piano classes (started in grade nine). 
​My love of music was first inspired by my older sister and later from the first concert that I had ever been to. The concert was three bands; Nightranger, Loverboy, and Journey. 
​My goal in life is to become a composer when I am older, so this year I'm hoping to write a piece by the end of the year.

Jazz is the one thing that you can relate to Connor Christie almost instantly. He enjoys the experience of playing an instrument and getting better with every single note played. He is inspired by the smooth sound of jazz along with its lengthy history. Connor picked up his saxophone during the beginning of middle school and fell in love with it almost instantly. He enjoys practicing 3 times a week for 1-2 hours. His second most enjoyed hobby is building computers. So far he has only built 2 but he looks forward to building more in the future. He looks up to Charlie Parker’s play style every time he plays a solo.

Trinidee Folk was born in Calgary Alberta on July 9th 2002, She lives with her mom, dad, and two sisters. When she was 8 years old her family decided to move to Airdrie Alberta and start over. In grade 7 and 8 she was in her school band playing the clarinet and in grade 10 decided to switch and learn to play the piano. She decided that she wanted to play the piano because she likes the sound of the instrument, she also likes how the sound is as it sounds soothing but also can make an exciting and upbeat type of music. she want to learn all different types of music from slow to a fast type of music. There is a lot of people that she looks up to but  one person who made her interested in playing music was her sister Keyarra Folk who was very talented, smart and much more, she plays guitar and was in Croxford music academy in grade 10, 2016-2017.

Mackenzie Haase is a vocalist and musician from Alberta, Canada. She has been singing for as long as she can remember, and would always put on mini concerts for family and friends. As she grew up, she became more and more interested in other instruments she could play. These instruments include piano, guitar, ukulele, flute, trumpet, clarinet, and viola. Most of these instruments she has never performed with in front of people, however, she works on her playing skills daily. As a vocalist, she has performed multiple times in front of an audience, as well as put covers out on social media. 

She prefers solo work, and enjoys pop, and contemporary music. She hopes to expand her music taste slightly to give her more of a variety to work with through her vocals. She wanted to pursue music and singing because it was her favourite pastime, and an escape from everything happening around her, and she loves hearing music that moves her and others on an emotional level. She hopes to record an album of covers soon. 

Mackenzie Haase has always been musically gifted. From a young age, she was singing, performing, and playing a variety of instruments. Now she's passionate about developing her technical musical skills, theoretical knowledge, and taking the next step towards becoming a music professional. Learn more about her and her educational journey.

Elijah Hanley is a local rapper from Airdrie, Alberta. Since the age of 10, Elijah listened to different hip-hop artists like Eminem, Tyler the Creator, Kendrick Lamar and etc. Eventually, Elijah grew an interest for the genre. In result, Elijah started to freestyle with his friends and write raps. At 15, Elijah rapped for a large crowd and started rapping to tracks in the booth. When the opportunity came to create his own music at school, he instantly signed up.

Haily Iwaskow was born in Edmonton, Alberta on June 18th, 2002. She lives with her dad and stepmom. She has a family of 2 sisters and 2 brothers. She loves to sing and play guitar. Music is honestly her life. It helps her stay calm when she's stressed and stay focused during class. Music is like a piece of art that goes in the ears, straight to the heart. She likes any type of music that isn't country. She also enjoys hanging out with family and friends. When she's around her friends she feels like she can actually be herself.. She is an animal lover. She definitely loves cats more than anything. She likes any type of music that isn't country. She looks up to her dad because he was always there for her when her real mom wasn't.

Taylor Jewell, Im a young artist only 14 years of age, starting to play guitar. I lived in my hometown, Hardisty town of 700 people for 12 years. I moved to airdrie 2 years ago, and started playing guitar in the start of grade 10, Im Currently enrolled in grade 10 now. I've always loved music, i have wanted to start playing guitar for 2 years now, and finally go enrolled in the music academy of 2017 at WH Croxford. Bon Jovi has always inspired me, I love the genre of music he plays.

Arwen Kope is in the Grade 10 Cavalier's Music Academy and she plays the drums. She enjoys playing basketball and soccer and loves reading, also Arwen has three younger sisters, Ailish, Katie, Neela, and her parents are Corey and Erin Kope. Often times her Church Band does a Garage Band practice and so Arwen has plenty of experience this way in playing in a smaller band taking cues from the leader, but - in addition to this- she’s played in a bigger band at her school while following the lead of her music teacher, so she is well-versed. Arwen is self- taught and has been playing for about two years, also she plays drums on the Venue Church Music Team on Sunday evenings. She believes that the best way to become great is to push yourself to always be doing better, never being content with good, but instead striving for greatness.

     My name is Colten McMahon and I am a fifteen year old guitar player who is interested in performing my music for anyone who is willing to listen. I am currently in grade ten and attending WH Croxford High School where I am studying and creating music with my band, Away Future. Currently we are working on our first album and experimenting with different genres. I am very excited to share my music and play for people. Along with making music, I currently work at Tim Horton's where I make people coffee and ensure customer satisfaction.

My name is Davin Olichny and I am 15 years old. I am the bass player for the band Away Future. Currently I am in the W.H.C High-school academy for music. This year I'm looking to make some new and fresh music and bring enjoyment to people. I have been playing the bass for around 5 years and starting to make my own music this year. My favorite style of music is alternative rock and jazz. In my spare time I play basketball in school and club and have been doing that since I was 7. One of my favorite things to do is to play the piano with my sister and learn duets.

ll good guitarists start somewhere. Brandon Parnham started like any other, With a small guitar and no skill at all. Now he plays Jazz, Rock, Country, Blues, and all of their subcategories. Brandon comes from Calgary Alberta, Canada.His musical hero, is his own teacher, Luke Sandham, the high school band Teacher that helped him improve immensely over the time span of a year. Brandon owes it all to his amazing teacher for making him into the musician he is today and helping him truly find his interests and passions. For Brandon, Music isn’t just a hobby or random passion, For him its an expression and flow of life, feeling, and thought. When building his songs, He considers what the song is supposed to make you feel and how it will make you think. His songs are meant to influence life. Brandon spent 7 years in a guitar class where all that was taught was chords, and nothing more. Despite that, Brandon took his advanced knowledge of chords and brought them on into the rock world where he studied how to play rock and heavy guitar. Even after his rock phase, He still felt that something was missing. In his search for the missing piece he discovered acoustic fingerstyle and the folk music genre. Taken a fascination to fingerstyle, folk music and acoustics, he began devoting his time to study and play it. Along the way he met with classical guitar, one of his favourite kinds of guitars and music styles. He delved into the deep history of the classical guitar and it's many brilliant artists, for example: Francisco  Tarrega and his master work called "Capricho Arabe".

Mason Preston is an aspiring guitarist attending W.H.Croxfords music academy. He is attending the music academy to expand his skill and experience with guitar. His goals for this year is to further his guitar skills to be able to perform his own song. Mason's biggest inspiration is his grandfather who used to play guitar but can't anymore so Mason picked up guitar to play it just for his grandpa. ​

​I started like everyone else. With a cheap guitar and little to no skill. Now I play Jazz, Rock, and a bunch more genres. I come from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. My musical heroes, are George Harrison and Sir Paul McCartney. For me, Music is one of my greatest passions in life, it has helped me through even the hardest of times. I tried guitar classes in middle school and was taught nothing but chords and nothing more. I'm not the biggest fan of chords, but I still learned a bit of them. I have taken a fascination to many, many riffs, and began devoting my time to learning them. Later in life I have met with one of my favorite instruments, the bass guitar, and of course I learned many Beatles songs on that.

Anna Rowland is a 15 year old with a passion for music. She loves listening to, learning about, and playing music. Anna started with the piano, guitar, and choir when she was about 8 years old, the flute when she was 12, and the ukulele just this past summer. In her grade 10 year, Anna is in the Cavalier Music Academy where they are learning all about how to write music and improve their overall abilities as a musician. Anna is currently working on creating a medley of some of her favorite Disney songs with her band, A5.

My name is Keenan Schell and I am 15 years old. I play the rhythm guitar in my band Away Future. My interest in music genre mostly stands with playing Alternative and Rock/Punk music but I like playing other genres of music as well. When I was six, my father bought me my first guitar. It was a mini Taylor and I absolutely loved it and ever since my hands first touched that guitar my passion for music and guitar has been growing. This year in the CMA I am hoping to further increase my skills in guitar, but I would also like to learn how to play the piano because its such a beautiful and elegant instrument . I am also really looking forward to learning how to compose and write my own music. Outside of my passion of music I am also an athlete. Throughout the year I play multiple different sports, mostly hockey in the winter and baseball in the spring/summer. One of my main goals in life is to be successful, and I believe that the CMA can help me achieve that goal.

Abby Sensabaugh is a passionate musician with a creative personality. The flute has been her main instrument for 3 years now and she has also had minor experience playing the guitar and piano. The Music Academy has a very self-directed way of learning where Abby can practice her music as well as the composition of music. In the academy time she has been combining a few of her favourite things by composing a Disney medley with her band A5. ​

Delanoire is a young musician in the Croxford Music Academy. She has spent 4 years performing for various events such as local festivals at Churches, at the Airdrie Rotary Festival Of Performing Arts, and at various other locations with the Croxford Band. Delanoire also has experience playing the flute in a band setting and is currently broadening her skills by learning the violin. She enjoys playing many genres, but her favorite is Rock. Delanoire has begun composing a couple of her own pieces and looks towards improving her skills for the future. She is the pianist in A5, a band in the Croxford Music Academy.

Dana is a very high-spirited, creative, and caring person. Her passion for music shines through everything she does. Music is Dana's heart. She loves everything about music! Dana looks up to classical pianist such as Bach and Beethoven. The grade 10 Music academy opens numerous opportunity's for Dana and she is so glad to be apart of them. Dana's goal is to strive to be the best musician she can be and to shine in the academy.​