Here's an overview of what your studies might look like in the Cavalier Music Academy.

Grade 9:
Our grade 9 program is open to any student who has an interest in learning to play music. Any instrument, any skill level, any level of experience is welcome in our academy program. Didn't take music in middle school, but want a chance to give it a try in high school? We'll get you started on a lifetime of music-making.
The grade 9 group begins as a large ensemble, and Mr. Sandham adapts the repertoire for whoever is in the group. As the year progresses, a variety of other music projects may evolve based on student interest.

Grade 10
Cavalier Music Academy students in Grade 10 complete a comprehensive program of theory, composition, musical performance and small ensemble work, along with  courses in music production and music business and marketing.  All grade 10 students will learn to compose, perform, produce and promote an album of original material, in whatever musical style they wish, buy studying and imitating the masters of that style.

Grade 11
As they work on completing their second album, students will expand their knowledge with more advanced concepts in harmony, scale theory, chord progressions, and improvisation. Grade 11 students will continue to emulate the masters while branching out into more unfamiliar musical territory.   

Grade 12
By Grade 12, Cavalier Music Academy students will have a solid foundation in all the skills they will need to continue their music making well beyond High School. In addition to continuing their study of a variety of styles, techniques, repertoire, and finishing their final album, students will finish a senior music project of their own design. Recording? Promotions? Composition? Performance? Admission to a post-secondary music school? It's all possible. Our goal is to empower kids to be involved in music in whatever capacity they wish.

Recording Studio:
At the Cavalier Music Academy, we have a fully equipped recording studio. Grade 9 students learn the basics of recording music, and students in grades 10 through12  produce at least one album of their own original work each year. All students leave our program having experience with the recording process from composition to distribution. See our "Music" page to sample and purchase student recordings!  

For more information about the music program at W.H. Croxford, please contact us for more information and don't forget to join our mailing list to stay up-to date with our music program events, concerts, and new releases. 

We look forward to sharing our music with you!