"Our mission is to provide those students who wish to learn music in high school an opportunity to be musical innovators and creators through immersive, comprehensive, contemporary musical experiences relevant to their own lives."

Our work is guided by the principles of High School Redesign:


Mastery learning: Students will work on developing their musicianship at their own pace attending to each new challenge when they are ready.

Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum: The immersion format, the focus on contemporary music, and the career-oriented approach will provide students with challenges related to their own interests and goals.

Flexible Learning Environments: The timetable will be adapted to allow students the ability to engage deeply for extended periods on their musical work.

Personalization: Programming will be developed to meet the specific needs of each student, meeting them “where they are” and setting attainable and realistic goals for growth.

Meaningful Relationships: The program format will enable the students and teacher to work together as musical colleagues while developing a network of connections with each other.

Our work is guided by the following four questions: 

  • How do musicians master their instrument?
  • What do musicians need to know about great music?
  • How do musicians make their own music available to others?  
  • How can musicians make a living?  

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